Transform your sales team with our Virtual Sales Manager System.

improve the results & performance of your sales team by at least 24% in 6 months or less

are you a business owner...

Effective sales techniques from Sales Made Easy

are you a business owner...

No one in the business can sell as well as you, right?

Your sales team isn’t hitting their numbers and you don’t have the time to train or manage them.

What do you do? Pay a lot of money for external training consultants or somehow magic up the time to do it yourself?

If this sounds like you, we can help.

what is our virtual sales manager system?

We know what it takes to produce a high-performance sales team. In truth, it takes a lot and requires a number of key activities, all of which are introduced and managed by your VSM.

Those activities include:

  • World class training
  • Performance Coaching
  • Managing, Motivating, Moving
  • Accountability & Improvement

We will be training your team on trusted frameworks that have a proven impact on sales effectiveness.

Your team will be assessed weekly on their performance & training progress by our experts and you will receive a weekly progress report as well as monthly review meeting where your team’s progress and recommendations for improvements will be presented.

To help your team improve even more we will provide you with tools such as: Sales Profile, Sales Forum, Monday Mojo, Webinars & Podcasts, Opinion Papers & more!

we can help you

we can help you

We know sales professionals thrive in communities where learning is an experience, not a chore. So we’ve created a place for your team members to grow.

  • Forums, webinars, podcasts and motivation.
  • Easy to follow sales training with coaches to guide you through the course.
  • Progress through the levels and gain accreditations, recognition and rewards.
  • Get rated by your customers.
  • Build their Sales Profiles.


Next Steps.

we don’t just care about sales;

we care about you.

We want to help you to hit your sales numbers and for you to become the salesperson you want to be.

  • Sales Made Easy rocket targets logo our community has sold to over 35,000 customers so far.
  • Sales Made Easy community logo we’ve all been salespeople, we get it.
  • Sales Made Easy shaking hands logo we’re changing the world's perception of sales and salespeople.

stressing out due to a lack of sales?

start learning with us and sell more things to more people.
Learn how to effectively sell with Sales Made Easy

stressing out due to a lack of sales?

start learning with us and sell more things to more people.

Selling feels as though it’s getting more and more competitive and the demands of the job seem to keep increasing. Ease the pressure and learn how to compete by engaging, learning and growing with us. You can do as much (or as little) as you need in your own time to sharpen your skills.

Our assessments and coaching will help you implement what you learn and take the knowledge into your world which will make a big difference to your performance.

We’ll support you all the way, we’re only happy when you succeed.

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