Ratings system of sales team at Sales Made Easy


Want to show that you can ‘walk the walk’ as well as ‘talk the talk’? Well this is your perfect opportunity!

Our ratings system is unique in the sales world, allowing you to add to your sales profile and have customers rate and review you. Think of this as the TripAdvisor of sales.

Approach your customers, ask them to rate you and provide feedback on your sales performance, all while growing trust in your abilities and future communications.

Imagine how you’d feel having a 4 star or 5 star rating from hundreds of your customers? Envisage how strong your sales profile will look, how it could help you gain trust from potential customers and add real credibility to the work you do.

We love to help salespeople leave a lasting and positive impression. So, when you come across a salesperson that you loved, why not rate them?

By having a good Sales Made Easy rating, you can use it to gain trust from potential customers and become more attractive to potential employers.

Come along and see our growing network of sales professionals, where you can view their profiles and see their ‘Sales Made Easy Seller Level’.

As we all continue to grow together, we can help each other to reach targets and ultimately make selling simple.

ratings profile cards

Una Hughes.

sales manager

Here to help small business save money on card processing.

Victor Lawrence.

business development executive

Going the extra mile to support SMEs.

Kylie Wallace.

account manager

Optimising sales team performance in organisations.

Ryan Macdonald.

partnerships manager

Highly motivated sales professional with 10+ years of experience.